2IIM is run by Mr. Rajesh Balasubramanian, an IIT and IIM Alumnus, who is the main faculty for 2IIM's students preparing for CAT and other management entrance exams.


Rajesh Balasubramanian

He is an Electrical Engineer from IIT, Madras, and completed his PGDM from IIM Bangalore. He runs 2IIM's CAT program and has built most of the content for the 2IIM CAT Online Course. He scored 100th percentile in CAT in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2017. Rajesh scored 99.99 percentile in CAT 2022. He likes few things more than teaching Math.

Bharathwaj Udayakumar

CAT verbal 99%iler and curator of the ubiquitous Bharath’s Reading List, the one-stop solution to CAT Verbal Preparation, CAT aspirants look to Bharathwaj sir’s CAT preparation guides and suggestions on the 2IIM Youtube channel on a regular basis.





Phone: 99626 48484, 94459 38484

Website: www.2iim.com

Email: info@2iim.com

Address: 2IIM - CAT Preparation, A Fermat Education Initiative, 58/16, Indira Gandhi Street, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Saligramam, Chennai 600 093

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S. M. - Dec 17, 2022

The people over there were so genuine and always available for doubts, especially rajesh sir way of teaching and his perception towards cat prep changed everything. Quant and Varc content is good but there isn't enough content for Dilr. They also dont have sectional mocks for which they have tied up with takzhilla. Overall it a great place to prepare for cat.

Jaimin - Oct 12, 2022

2IIM is absolutely abysmal in every sense of the word.

Their marketing team is the only decent thing, since they bait so many students into buying their program while providing NO VALUE.

Their site? Doesn't work half the time.

Their mocks? They have 8 mock papers, which have no video solutions and barely any decent text answers.

Their course? Horrible pacing and content, full of shortcuts which can't be applied in most questions anyways. No basics are taught here.

Live classes aren't recorded and you can't even watch them later at your own time.

Their app is filled with technical issues and bugs all the time which makes it useless.

It's really apparent that their founder Rajesh, is just milking students for money and teaches 0 live lectures and isn't active anywhere on the platform.

I have never seen a faculty help a student in 6 months of experience here except Mr. Jatin who teaches VARC and actually cares about the students.

Please, please save your money and buy a different coaching subscription.

Stay away from 2IIM.

Gaj - Oct 7, 2022

At the time of writing this feedback (7 Oct 2022) I'm honestly very satisfied with their course and overall structure.

I'm a part of their Green course in which they provided me with high quality pre recorded lectures on every single topic in all three sections and numerous basic and advanced level topic tests for each chapter.

They also provided me with XAT DM lectures along with 4-5 full length mocks (sorry I don't remember the exact number right now) which is really very helpful because XAT DM quality content is not easily available which makes it a tricky section to prepare for.

15 cat full length mock tests with 10 more of them along with 4-5 sectional tests each for VARC DILR & QA with their partners takshzila.

Apart from all this the thing which I really liked about 2IIM is that there's a strong sense of peer to peer learning among the fellow students of 2IIM because I've seen that whenever someone posts a doubt related to some question or something in the group the other students are always ready to help them and solve their doubts.

And whenever needed the faculty members also help us so basically it's a really nice study environment here. And I'm not saying all this just to promote them but I genuinely feel that my experience as a student here has been really really well and if you want to cross check anything in future then I'm also open for that.

Finally I'd just like to say that for me, this was the best CAT coaching I could have asked for and now I just want to get a really nice score so that I would be able to do justice to myself and as well as the fabulous teachers of 2IIM.

Thank you.

Laxmi - Sep 23, 2022

VARC - Jatin Sir majorly handles this section. This is absolutely the best. The material used, explanation everything is perfect

Quants - Handled by 2-3 faculty. This is Pure Gold. Rajesh Sir's quant lessons are the best.

DILR - I felt this section is a little bit chaotic, it's kinda unorganised.

Mocks are very much standard.