Anastasis Academy is run by the "one-man army" Anastasis Shankar, who teaches all three subjects - Quants, LRDI and VARC. He is known for his honest guidance and personal touch to help students with MBA exam preparation. 

About the Teacher:

Anastasis Shankar is a commerce graduate from SRCC, Delhi University and MBA from FMS, Delhi. He has taken CAT and other exams such as XAT, SNAP, CMAT and IIFT, and scored 99.9+ percentiles, multiple times.


Comprehensive Course - Project Vita 3.0

Rs. 18,500



Phone No: +91 8168208573

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Arjan - Oct 25, 2022

I enrolled in this coaching last year in 2021, my senior who made it to IIMB referred it to me. I was sceptical initially given that I hadn't heard the name of the coaching ever. But followed the advice of my senior, and enrolled in it. The fees was Rs. 16000 and mode was online only. No option for offline classes.

So the coaching is led by Shankar sir who is one of the most consistent CAT takers every year with average percentile at 99.99 every year. He himself is a graduate of SRCC and FMS.

So the difference that I personally felt was that there was personal mentorship right from the beginning. Given the coaching is at its inception and limited no. of students are there, it is a boon for us.

Now the format in which he teaches is classes (live, which are recorded as well) on learnyst platform followed by a sheet for practice related to the class mostly but still consisting of questions above one's comfort level.

So the coaching started in 2021 itself. I was part of the first batch there. The foundation was built from scratch, like even if someone who didn't know what a number is, will find his classes manageable given a little effort on one's part. Moreover, there was so much content, including the practice sheets, weekly weekend mocks of other institutes being discussed till the end.

The one thing that I personally liked was the doubt resolution, you can message on the telegram group anytime of the day, and someone or the other will surely guide you on the same. And sir himself does most of this. The amount of effort that was put by Shankar sir is extraordinary which is why I have joined him for this year as well.

Last year I had some health issues (brain fog due to covid) due to which I couldn't perform at my peak. All in all, even if God forbid, I don't make it this year as well. I will still continue to stay at this coaching. Moreover there are personal 1-1 interactions that sir takes in every 1-2 months is commendable to ensure that we are on the right track.

I had joined TIME on a trial basis for a month, but it was nowhere closer to this. In TIME, there is no personal mentorship, either you do it on your own, or you leave it to fate. So didn't want that kind of scenario. All in all, I would recommend this coaching to anyone who is just starting his/her CAT prep. I hope this feedback/review helps you in the way you intended. 

John - Oct 12, 2022

There is a single teacher teaching all three sections. He is a very skilled teacher and knows how to navigate the syllabus and teach accordingly. Frankly I think that he is one of the best teachers currently in the coaching business. The batch size is usually small comprising of 100 students max. Equal attention is given to each student and I would recommend this coaching to everyone who is aspiring to give CAT.

Medha - Sep 29, 2022

It's one of the best CAT Coaching. But sir is not like other CAT coaching institutes. He didn't market his products. Shankar sir gives everything for a student to achieve a good percentile in CAT. Shankar sir didn't sugarcoat things like other faculties. He's straight to the point. Don't expect motivation from his side. He's very strict.

Soni N. - Sep 14, 2022

There is only one faculty who is single-handedly running the whole show. He is nonother than Arvind Shankar sir (aka anastasis Shankar, Cat2021-99.99%le).

Being a multiple-time 99.99%ler himself he knows the tidbits of exams. If you really want to be smart in your life, you can join his course. But he will never butter you by giving you false hopes.

Talking about the fees of the course, it is definitely one of the lowest in the industry. You won't get any hard copy of any subject; everything will be online. Also do not worry about running out of content, no student will ever be able to complete 100% of the material provided by him.

Now about the teaching pedagogy, he divided complete QA into 5 parts, Complete DILR into 6-7 parts. The syllabus for the same will generally get over by the month of July itself. VARC is a practice-focused course so generally it is more inclined towards the practice bit of it.

After completing the syllabus there will be plenty of sectionals and 'how to go about solving mock part'. We had plenty of mocks and sectionals of each QA, DILR and VARC to attempt.

The most important thing is if you want to join the coaching the end date is generally 31st of May or some fixed number of students, whichever happens earlier. This is something unique in this industry. Also, there are no crash/booster/last mile/ courses available.

Lastly, if u are ready to give ur efforts, sir is always there to help you out.