Career Launcher is one of the oldest and most-renowned coaching institutes, with a variety of learning options and innovative offerings for students preparing for CAT and OMETs such as NMAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, TISSNET, etc for IIMs and other management institutes.

Coaching Faculty:

CL's faculty includes:

1) Gautam PuriVice Chairman & MD, IIM Bangalore

2) Shivku R (IIM C)

3) Arks Srinivas (IIM C)

4) Sujit Bhattacharyya (IIM B)

5) Gejo Srinivasan (IIM C), popular for his VARC 1000 course

6) Siddharth Mehta (XLRI)

Online Courses:

1) MBA 2023 Online Classes (Rs. 50,000)

130 Live and Interactive Sessions

Day Timings

Include CAT + Non CAT Preparation

100 CAT + Non CAT Mocks Included

5000+ Practice Questions assorted Topic wise

GDPI Preparation Included

Physical Study Material included

2) CAT 2023 Night Classes (Rs. 39,500)

70 Live Sessions

Night Timings

Includes CAT Preparation

30 CAT Mocks Included

5600+ Practice Questions divided into Topic Tests + 45 Sectional Tests

120 Daily Practise Tests

Physical Study Material included

3) MBA 2023 Night classes (Rs. 45,500)

100 Live & Interactive Sessions

Night Timings

Includes CAT + Non CAT Preparation

30 CAT + 70 Non CAT Mocks Included

5600+ Practice Questions divided into Topic Tests + 45 Sectional Tests

120 Daily Practise Tests

Physical Study Material included

4) MBA 2023 Online Classes (without PDP) (Rs. 45,500)

130 Live & Interactive Sessions

Day Timings

Includes CAT + Non CAT Preparation

30 CAT + 70 Non CAT Mocks Included

5600+ Practice Questions divided into Topic Tests + 45 Sectional Tests

120 Daily Practise Tests

Physical Study Material included

Other Courses:

CL also offers a range of offline classroom courses and self-study modules to students. The offline courses generally cost more than the online options. 


Phone: 88821 20120

Whatsapp: 73032 95393



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Neha Verma - Nov 10, 2022

I think I made the best decision when I joined CL's online program. The program that I purchased included mocks, sectionals and topic tests which is enough for preparation after one is done with the syllabus. They have an amazing mock series included in the program with a deep analysis method and video solutions. They have conducted various workshops in the past 4 months for understanding how a person should go by. Their approach towards QA section is something I really love. Even if somebody decides to study on their own or some other coaching should definitely purchase CL's mock series.

Sumit Jain - Nov 9, 2022

Having tried Career Launcher's Online course, I can say it has a good faculty. They are helpful too, whenever you come across a doubt. 

But, the problem I faced with Career Launcher is syllabus completion of Quants. With other sections, you don't need to study each and every topic, but in Quants you are required to do that. The syllabus was supposed to be complete by 15 Sep, but faculties lagged behind. I felt some faculties don't know how to teach. They have more than enough knowledge, but when it comes to communicating that to the students, I was not very satisfied.

The main faculty members of CL are really good. You can see that they are doing the best they can to prepare you. They tell you all sorts of strategies, decode every passage, every DILR set, every question of each and every mock. With their guidance, you can really crack CAT.

Apart from that, I feel the mocks are almost at the level of CAT (with a few variations, of course). The sectional and topic tests are good, you encounter a variety of questions. The analysis which they provide is also too good. There are various tools to help you in your analysis of mocks, and even topic and sectional tests.

The study material provided by Career Launcher is sufficient enough to prepare you. In fact, you can encounter all sorts of difficulty level questions.

To sum up, the study material is excellent. The faculty members are okay, and test series is good too. Even though I faced some problem with faculty, their shortcuts, methods, and strategies have really helped me.

Dayitav - Oct 30, 2022

I took CL's test series - CDC. The tests are really good. The quant section is really balanced good sets of LRDI and really great VARC. It's not costly at all and you get video solutions for all of them. There's no one better in the segment in comparison with gejo sir's varc. In some mocks you get the attempt video of teachers as well which helps with respect to the behaviour one should keep while giving the test.

Now the bad part, the site is really messed up haven't happened to me till now but students say that the test just closes in the middle of a section and they can't attempt it if it's submitted, the analysis part is messed up on YouTube they used to have a window to give CDC on sat and sun and had the analysis on Sunday evening till then all slots were completed but now they have extended it to Monday as well but the analysis is still on Sunday evening, that's a messy advantage if a few people cheat and hence the percentiles changes much later.

But overall, one should buy CDC's as they are cheap and really good quality mocks.

Greta - Oct 25, 2022

CL's Mumbai centre experience was horrible. The teaching was really not up to the mark. Taught myself everything from YouTube free resources. 

But when it comes to the test series, it is really good. Definitely recommend career launcher ONLY for test series and nothing else.

Rachit - Oct 25, 2022

I stay in Kolkata and have taken CL's classroom coaching here. There are a few good teachers, but others are pretty much average. When you join the offline batch, you also get access to te recorded online lectures in case you missed the offline class so that's another good thing. There are ample no. of mocks to prepare you for the D-Day so that's also a pro.

But 1 major drawback is that they teach really really fast and just cover a few of the basic LOD 1 sums while leaving the difficult ones all to ourselves.

Sagar Bhave - Oct 18, 2022

I joined in the main branch of Career Launcher Pune. There are different teachers for different topics for each section. It gets contradicting after some time as to whom to follow. 

The study material is good but the explanation for solutions in quant is horrible. So you need to rely on teachers for that. Teachers explain well but they don't give too much information on how to use the study material in a good way. Faculty for VARC & LRDI is good. For Quant, only one teacher is able to teach properly. 

The online portal is great but it's not user friendly. It charges a lot for extra courses. Mocks are good. You will get plenty of practice.

Swati - Oct 11, 2022

I have experience of VARC 1000, which caters to VARC only and for someone who is very weak at it should try it. Gejo sir teaches from basics about things like what is the controlling idea, author's purpose and how to navigate tough passages. His style of teaching is great and for someone from a non-arts background who has always been bad at English-related subjects, the course can be very helpful.

When I gave my first mock before I started my preparation I got 8/7/16 marks in the cat 2021 VARC sectionals and now I am getting around 35-45 in mocks. I can see the improvement and now my fundamentals are strong.

Manisha S - Oct 4, 2022

I am at CL's Dehradun centre and VARC is not good here. Batch size they say is small but they combine 2-3 batches and destroy dream of small batches. However, many workshops and fun activites are done and also profile building activities are conducted. Study material of LRDI and VARC is out of date, only online portal is good.

Sunidhi - Sep 21, 2022

Online Course Review:-

MOCKS - The mocks are good because the difficulty level of the question is similar to CAT. 

STUDY MATERIAL- Personally I think so the study material provided by them is not that bad but i will suggest someone else to use some other books because the number of questions provided in some topics are very limited which doesn’t help us to understand the concepts well. 

ONLINE COACHING CLASS - They don’t explain the concept nicely they just assume that everyone knows how to solve the questions. If some students used to ask questions in between the teachers used to get annoyed.Personally I’m from non-engineering background it was difficult for me to understand certain questions because the teachers used to teach everyone assuming that we know everything.

Srishti Srivastava - Sep 13, 2022

I took CL's Online Course. According to me, VARC: Not good, QUANTS: Very Good and LRDI: Not good. But I'll give 5/5 to CL's mocks.

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