CATKing caters to students preparing for exams like CAT, CET, XAT, SNAP, TISS, CMAT, GRE, GMAT & BankPO, and has a team comprising of alumni and students of IIMs, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS and NIT based in Mumbai.

The coaching is led by Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), who is a graduate of SP Jain, Mumbai (LinkedIn Profile).


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Phone: +91 73043 04237

Whatsapp: +91 89991 18999


Note: The above information has been sourced from CATKing's website.


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Rehan D - Oct 31, 2022

Rahul Sir who is the face of CATking and does youtube live will fake promise students and convince them to join, but it is the worst. 

The faculty include IIM students who themselves are in 1st year of their MBA and have no experience of teaching. The classes are poor and short of just 40 mins. 

VARC which is taught by Rahul sir is poor. Just taking nonsense in class. The class starts at 10pm and he joins at 10:20. 1 RC per month in class. 

I joined CAT + Non CAT combo course. Non-CAT class is 1hr a week only on Saturday and that too no concept teaching takes place. 

The road is not easy and CATking has made my road to CAT more difficult.

Nole - Oct 11, 2022

Catking faculty is very hard working and make a lot of efforts for better environment for students to study. You will get better mocks and analysis and also tempo of staying glued to preparation and support is best. Dashboard is great.

However, I think their books have a lot of mistakes - answers were wrong and the analysis of answers in the book was wrong for a few. But you can complement with other materials. I also feel that their Hindi language focus while teaching makes it difficult for other language users. Also, I can see the VARC section being taught in Hindi, which I think is stupid.

Garvit - Oct 6, 2022

CATKing is by far one of the worst coaching ever. The materials are not that good. Even now with only 50 days left for cat they have been taking only 45 mins class. The faculties are not good. And the sectional mocks of VARC are the worst. There are so many old pattern mocks, and they are not changing it even after knowing the new pattern. There has been not a single class that lasted for more than an hour. And even in that 1 hour of class, the pace is so slow, like only 4-5 sums per class.

Advait Jain - Oct 3, 2022

The faculty is not up to the mark except Sudhanshu sir, every 2-3 days faculty changes without any coordinator between them. Someday they will start with basic whereas on other days some higher-level questions were taken.

They sell you course on saying 40 days challenge, in reality it's always basic teaching with repetition. Most of the time you will find yourself solving same questions again and again. Mocks are not up to the level of IMS or TIME, only 1000-2000 students attempt their mocks. Study material is sufficient with good pre-recorded videos and shortcuts.

If you are buying their courses after watching their YouTube videos, then please don't. Ask your seniors and friends first before joining any class.

Madhur - Sep 22, 2022

I really like the dashboard, which includes everything, lot of practice material, different mocks and recorded and live mock analysis every Sunday.

But the live lectures lack a lot of interaction and doubts can't be asked. There is a doubt forum but it takes at least 2-5 hrs to get answered and even more sometimes.

Nitin Yadav - Sep 6, 2022

Everything is very bad. Actually no basics at all. The course is good only for them who has good basics in all subjects. Intensive course ke naam pr  3 4 mock hai  bas. Totally waste of money. Rahul has got a very good marketing skills. He knows how to manipulate one's mind. And convince him to buy his course.

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