Elites Grid is popular among CAT aspirants for the amount of time they devote to teaching and mentoring students


Elites Grid faculty is led by Hunny Malhotra (Quants) and Gaurav Kapoor (LRDI). Here are a couple of videos from their Youtube channel.



Phone: +91 70092 18049

Website: www.elitesgrid.com

Email: elitegrid2016@gmail.com

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Rajveer Singh - Dec 5, 2022

Unfortunately my CAT did not go as I thought of because I panicked in quants, so really bad. Couldn't get the cutoff percentile.

In terms of the review, Hunny sir and gaurav sir is best for quant and lrdi and personally i don't like english teacher.Elites Grid is well known online institute but being a Student,I would say it's more hyped than what it is. Undoubtedly each faculty is damnn hardworking. It's like all we have paid is for QA and LRDI.  Also I feel it's great for base but not for the level required in CAT. Still TIMES and IMS assignment or books are best to cover, EGs assignment is way too easier than cat level.

If you have your VA as strong and really poor in QA and want to improve in DILR irrespective of where you are you should join them undoubtedly. But if VA is among of your weakest section I would say invest in some other coaching or tak bodheeprep+Eg if not TIME or IMS . 

For Quant - (5/5) Awesome. Covers most of the exam relevant concepts. Dedicated Extra practice hours, mock discussions, N no. Of times revision, motivation, doubt solving (although I never posted a single doubt as I knew that the specific qus will be discussed in class). Relevance - Nothing will be asked beyond the syllabus covered.

DILR - Awesome (5/5). Gaurav sir covers all standard topics in a detailed way. We all know it is very difficult to again go through the set to explain everything from scratch but every time whenever any student asked to explain very 1st step of the set even after the set was at its verge of getting completed, gaurav sir reset all his solving and again starts from the very scratch (which was very painful to see getting all efforts deleted). I think this is one of the best part. Also covers unique sets, sectional & mock discussion. Since DILR is unpredictable, focusing on the thought process development is the main goal of his all sessions. Look at the YouTube videos for reference and you'll get to know how he teaches.

For VARC - (may be 3/5) okish. Now this is going to be subjective, But I personally was never a very big fan of VARC faculty. But it may be different for some other students. Content availability, scheduling for improving the reading speed and all is good. But one thing remember! Be it any VARC faculty, once their explanation of the answer will contradict with yours, they'll become your biggest enemy!! Point is VARC is very subjective. If a student is already very good with his reading speed. If he were to join the coaching, he will rate higher the faculty than the person whose reading skills aren't good enough and was unable to improve in the given 8-9 month window. I rarely attended any VARC classes as I personally was bored by the way how he explained. For better reviews - refer to other students.

Way of teaching - online in zoom with chat which allows students to ask their doubt then & there. Recording of the whole session will be available in dashboard so you can revise at any time though not required as revision classes will be held.

Extra support - time table will be provided. This time table will include mock schedule, revision schedule, YouTube videos to cover unique questions, mock analysis etc.

Overall - (4/5) - overall faculty support is very good, fb dedicated doubt group, student group to ask any queries or to initiate any general discussion. WhatsApp group is also there for the intimation of important schedules. Otherwise the schedule will be available in your dashboard. Personal mobile number in case you want to mourn why you are not good enough, why you shouldn't leave this planet or how to break up /patch up with your BF/GF etc. They also provide sectional (12 - 16 depends). Level of sectional tests are good and will be explained in live sessions (but may be not possible for all of the VARC & LRDI as lots of things to cover but explanation will be there in the sectional). Also provide support for other OMETs like NMAT SNAP XAT etc but these dedicated sessions comes with extra nominal cost of (as of now below 1000rs)+ extra for specific mocks. XAT's DM will be again one more add on with some extra fee. As of now no plans for full length mock support but may be in future this might change. The support continues till the last exam (usually MHCET). As per my knowledge, they don't provide any GDPI prep course but may create groups of students to discuss things with any EG alumni or other students.

So in nutshell - very economical, good content, good support, good dedication from teacher's end. Some may argue that late night sessions shouldn't happen as they're not good with late night studies. Answer to this lies inside a Bschool campus so wait till you make it that far. I will recommend this coaching for QA & DILR but for VARC, I'm not sure as I didn't took much guidance for the same but I've shared my point of view above.

Cons- Few but have listed below 

1- Probably the most of the students, however 99%+ students would agree that their VA prepration is negligible.

2 - Also expect them to be little unprofessional like home tutor, they usually fail to do on deadlines, You may check their DILR videos on YT most of them starts with apologies for not posting as promised for xyz reason. Even after all those not so postive feedback I would highly recommend to join EG iff you are below average or just average student like me who wants to build base.

Meghan - Nov 8, 2022

I enrolled at TIMES in 2020 and IQUANTA in 2021 but with one of my friends suggestion I invested my money in EG with no hope but that is the best decision ever. They are the best faculty in terms of everything whether it is making the daily schedule or taking mock discussion classes of IMS and CL mocks. They have more than enough classes such that even if we are non-working students, we can't complete the classes. They are all the time up for taking classes. So I will recommend to students that please don't waste your money anywhere else. 

Jaju - Nov 3, 2022

I enrolled in EG batch 1 after a lot of research. Most of the reputed offline coaching like IMS, Time were too expensive for me + since I'm from a remote area the coaching locations were atleast at a 2 hr train distance so i was predetermined to join online coaching. I was confused between iQuanta and EG but finally choose EG. 

Eg faculty are like your big brothers....u can ask them about literally anything (study/relationship/financial/literally anything). Quant faculty (Hunny sir), Lrdi faculty (Gaurav sir) are just too good. Teaching method is very lucid in pure hindi, you won't have any difficulty in understanding irrespective of your base in the subject. Varc faculty (Shahzar sir) is average. No one is better than Gejo sir(cl) when it comes to varc .... I'm telling this because I'm a varc 1000 student. 

I don't know whether I'll be able to crack cat or not but i can't deny the efforts Hunny, Gaurav sir puts in their classes. Especially hunny sir (a gem of a person). Anyone who will join eg will definitely notice if u give your 100%, Hunny sir will put his 300%. I'll definitely recommend EG wholeheartedly to anyone (eng/non eng). 

Sajal Kishore - Oct 8, 2022

I was a TIME student (online) for '21 but couldn't get a desired percentile so I decided to repeat and after a lot of research I found EG and I think this class is very different from usual professional classes. A few pointers on why I recommend them:

1) It's the best place to join if you're a working professional as they adjust their class timing accordingly timings are 10PM-12PM 

2) They know these exams in depth their research is phenomenal and trust me when I say this they are better than Time in this case as well.

3) They provide their test series and ask you to buy IMS/CL/TIME's test series (any 2/3) and hold regular discussions of them.

4) They provide a daily timetable not only for their classes but what revision we should do, which mock analysis we should do and which mock should we take and on which day.

5) They prepare you for OMETs as well along with CAT( usually after syllabus completion).

6) For QA they hold long 7-8 hours session for assignment discussion of every single question from them which really push your limits and after a while you get used to it.

7) Last but not the least they work super hard and it makes you work hard as well you can contact them directly over whatsapp.

Akansha Patel - Oct 5, 2022

I am currently taking the elitesgrid coaching. I found it really good and worth it. I think in VA one needs to cope up with them, but overall it's good in my opinion.

Aishwarya - Sep 28, 2022

I am preparing for CAT for the first time. I think that EG's VA is not very good, but lrdi and qa are totally worth it. What I also like about them is that they give you a schedule to follow. They give you mock schedule also, like which mocks you should write on which days. 

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