IMS is India's oldest coaching institute for CAT and other management entrance examinations, having started in Mumbai in 1977. It now has over 90 centres across India, apart from online courses to help students. 


IMS faculty includes:


CATapult Live 2023 (Rs. 38881/-)

Comprehensive Live Online Program with 200+ hrs of Live sessions, 110+ Mocks and One-to-one Mentoring. Ideal for students who wish to prepare for CAT 23 as well as other Indian tests.

The program includes 100 Live Sessions (75 Live Classes & 25+ Live Workshops).

Each of the 75 Live Classes will have pre-recorded videos for pre-class prep & post-class practice:

– Watch pre-class prep videos (approx 30 mins)

– Attend Live classes (approx 2 hrs)

– Watch post-class Recorded videos  (approx 1.5 hrs)

25+ Live Workshops:

15 Masterclass Workshops: Module-wise Reviser Sessions to help students reach the 90-percentile mark.

12 ADMAT Workshops: To help students understand the topics generally not asked in CAT but are important to other exams.

110+ Full Length Tests & 30 Section Tests

40 SimCATs (15 Proctored & 25 Take-Home) with Percentile, detailed video solutions & analytics.

70 ADMATs (additional material for 12 tests other than CAT): 10 Tests each for NMAT by GMAC & SNAP. 5 tests each for XAT, IIFT, TISS, MICAT, MH-CET, CMAT, GMAT, MAT, IBSAT, ATMA.

30 Section Tests (10 tests each for QA/DILR/VARC) in 3 levels of difficulty.

A CAT Mentor is assigned as your Personal coach to guide you throughout your preparation journey. Regular One-on-one & group mentoring sessions to address all your CAT, B-School & career-related queries.

2 One-on-one & 4 group Mentoring sessions with experienced IMS Mentors.

Up to 20% OffLoyalty Scholarship: 20% off - for Past IMS students enrolled for Classroom/Live program

e-CATapult 2023 (Rs. 29441/-)

Comprehensive 160+ hours Online Program along with 15 Live Masterclass Sessions, 12 Live ADMAT Workshops & 110+ Full-length mocks to help you crack CAT & other MBA entrance tests.

Up to 40% Offfor Top 80 Elite College Students, for Past 3 Years CAT 90+ %ilers and for Category Students

CATapult Classroom Program 2023 (Fees are city-specific)

A comprehensive classroom program with over 135+ Sessions, 80+ hrs of learning & application videos and 110+ Full-length Mocks. Learn in a physical class under the expert guidance of trained & experienced Mentors. Also get the advantage of additional online sessions, 24*7 learning with complete access to the student portal.



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Yukta Jain - Jan 10, 2023

I took IMS CATapult extensive live 2022 course.

 - Pros: IMS provides very good material in form of books as well as concept videos on the IMS portal, with certain application videos explaining questions related to a topic. The IMS portal is also very very user friendly. Apart from concept videos they also provide a GK bulletin which gets updated weekly(for exams and high have GK section), and a list of B schools along with their rating, fees, exams accepted, average salary package etc which comes handy while applying for colleges. They give complete updates regarding form filling guidelines, dates and updates related to them, extensive supply of questions to practice and also plenty of mocks which are at par with CAT difficulty level. 

- Cons: Although with my package I got access to live classes from faculty on a schedule, these classes are absolutely useless. The online batch has an ENORMOUS batch size due to which there is absolutely no way to get any doubts cleared. Only text interaction during classes makes it almost impossible to clear any queries. Gained absolutely nothing from the live classes. Was left to clear doubts from telegram groups and the internet despite having taken their program. Also, extremely overpriced (almost 45k). Quite expensive considering the huge batch size and 0 personal interaction with faculty. Class scheduling was also quite erratic. 

Aadhar Patel - Jan 3, 2023

I was in IMS Surat centre and for me IMS is a big NO.

The faculty are very unprofessional and they just don't care about the personal doubts of students. 

They don't have well functioning computer labs.

Their study material is mixed up - in question bank there is no ascending level to practice and the easy moderate and hard questions are mixed.

The mentoring session which they provide is a big scam. They give you a schedule that is supposed to be personal for you made by your batch mentor, but your schedule will be the same as the other 500 students in that centre.

Harish - Dec 24, 2022

In IMS Mumbai (Andheri) branch, all faculties are top notch. Mainly Mandar Zarekar sir and Shouvik Gupta sir at Andheri East branch definitely have an edge over others. With both of them as mentors Quant and VA won't be a problem.

IMS offers a comprehensive study material which is more than enough to guide you through the different types of questions. SIMCATS (MOCKS) are pretty challenging at times but also give you a feel of the real CAT.

Overall a good coaching experience and definitely recommend it to any aspirant.

P.S. - This feedback is with respect to the faculty who taught me at the institute. With other faculties, the feedback might differ from person to person.

Tanmay - Dec 21, 2022

I took the online self study course of IMS - the study material was very good and precise with no out of syllabus questions or questions being repeated unnecessarily to increase no of questions. SIMCATS were great and quite close to the original ones. Moreover, the other sections such as How to fill the form and regular updates for MBA exams was a feature I liked.

However, I would also suggest you to take a few mocks of TIME as well since you will have a variety if time allows you.

Neha Sood - Nov 1, 2022

I have joined IMS Pune. My experience with IMS has been excellent, they have experienced faculties and are guiding us throughout our preparation. They covered the portion for each section really well.

They also have a facility called 'my plan' in which we can schedule a meeting with faculty of our choice for personalized 1 to 1 session (7 my plan sessions are available we can use them as required).

I think the best part about IMS is their online portal. It has basic concept videos on each topic with practice questions.

It also conducts many sessions with the top b-schools students, working professionals from various fields so that we can get an idea about their work profile. ( l have not seen most of them?, planning to watch them after CAT)

We are also provided with 15 live mocks in addition to 20 take home mocks and actual cat papers from 2017 - 2021(there are sessional tests as well as mocks for other exams)

Overall my experience with IMS has been great, I have not experienced other institutes but from what I have heard I think IMS is one of the best.

Harsh Pandey - Oct 28, 2022

My offline experience in Prayagraj is amazing with IMS till date. But it also depends from centre to centre.Some IMS is not that great while some are fantastic. But the materials they provide as well as the portal is best of IMS. In offline you will get access to all the mocks as well as admat mocks and portal having a tremendous number of questions, books wagera bhi. You will get some concept videos, but online classes and recorded lectures won't be available when you choose offline course.

Monu - Oct 26, 2022

IMS Patna Branch batch size is too big due to which I am not able to ask doubts. English teacher knows nothing  and hardly takes class, just focused on completing the syllabus without sharing any strategy.

I really regret this decision of mine.

Prakhar - Oct 18, 2022

I really like the institute, and highly recommend the aspirants to join IMS. A very structured approach to learning, amazing faculty, and lots of masterclasses and workshops are conducted to maintain pace and disseminate useful tricks/info via such sessions.

I advise students to take up online programs rather than offline because in some places the center heads of regional IMS coaching might not follow the chief IMS timelines for topics, mocks, etc. Online batch directly connects the students to the Chief faculties at the program's core.

Also, myPLAN sessions with faculty cover areas like student-centric schedule development, mock analysis, general doubt-solving, the application process, etc. There are telegram and whatsapp groups for communication and doubt solving, plenty of good questions and a very good approach which makes the student to be regular with studies. Highly recommended it, hope this helps.

Sugam - Oct 13, 2022

I am in the Durgapur centre. Faculty is very friendly but the teaching quality is way below from what I've seen in some other coaching (online). For me classroom program was definitely not worth it, I don't get the concepts and then I have to refer to online free youtube videos again.

Apart from the classroom teaching, the online resources provided are very helpful , the mocks are of good quality, their analysis and solutions are also very good, they provide online masterclasses and various practice questions and much more.

So in my opinion, it would've been better if I would've just purchased online resources and took coaching from elsewhere.

Sreenidhi - Oct 9, 2022

IMS Chennai (Anna nagar) centre is really good. The majority of faculties are amazing (except a few), we have classes every alternate day and can choose your convenient batch. We have doubt clearing sessions on every Saturday, other than regular sessions.

The centre is open from 10-8 almost every day. You can even stay there after class to sit and study with your friends. They have computer lab facilities for students who don't have a laptop or system at home to practice. We have a mentor who is amazing and gives excellent career advice.

And lastly, the IMS mocks are the best - the computer AI compares your test strategy along with the 90 plus percentilers and also predicts how much we would have scored if we covered certain topics. 

Maruti - Oct 1, 2022

IMS Vadodara centre is scamming students.

I went there to know about the complete process of Cat. One counsellor was assigned to me, I shared my academics and my acads were not that great. But he told me that I can qualify for IIM Ahmedabad even with my 10 + 2 score. I was amazed.

The truth - they harassed me till I paid the complete fees which was a huge amount for me. I told them I will be paying in installments and during one installment I was late, and the teachers called me frequently for the money.

Once I paid the whole amount no attendance was recorded, no mentorship. They didn’t even care that one of their students has left the batch in the middle. In fact they didn’t know that I left the batch abruptly. No further contact was made with me regarding my classes or preparation.

Later it was my own research about the top schools when I found that how much important is a good profile with good past academics.

Honestly, it was my mistake (not being properly aware of the scenario). I was fooled, they are playing with students' aspirations. They are running only money-making business, they deceive the students for extracting money by showing them false hopes and dreams.

Sai - Sep 30, 2022

The IMS Chennai offline coaching was a waste. They only solve questions in the class right from the beginning, they don't even explain the basic concepts of a particular topic. No proper Guidance.

I trusted IMS, but it was the worst decision I've taken. But now I am preparing on my own. 

Girish Shetty - Sep 28, 2022

I joined Navi Mumbai centre and it was the worst decision ever. Faculty is good, no complaint, but the pedagogy of ims is not good.

When I joined in December 2021 they told me lectures will be going on till Maharashtra Cet but they completed the syllabus in the month of may this year and since then haven’t conducted a single lecture in offline mode. Some workshops which you can count on hands have been conducted but all in online mode.

Having classes going on is a crucial step as you are in touch with your studies and meet your faculty but this has been pathetic experience for me also their modules are not well structured.

This is my second attempt at CAT, earlier I had done through TIME classes and managed to get interview calls from new and baby IIMs. For this year as things were getting normal I decided to go for offline coaching and hence had to go for IMS as TIME hadn’t opened their offline coaching.

To end this please don’t suggest anyone IMS for coaching. Only mocks are good.

Smriti - Sep 22, 2022

I have taken IMS Online coaching. The faculties weren't that good.. at least the ones who came for us. Ee requested as a team to change the faculty..there was no personalised guidance or attention. We struggled for getting our doubts solved. We have some really good faculties whom I have seen and felt during the special classes but am not sure if they take classes for students.

The material and test series are good. 

Megha - Sep 20, 2022

IMS needs to improve its quants and LRDI study material tremendously, they need to sectionally divide the problems in difficulty wise. Also, I feel that the quants questions aren't enough. My verbal faculty was very good and so is the study material, but in quants & LRDI I felt that they were only focused on teaching people who were already good at it, as a non-engineer I faced a lot of difficulty in these classes.

Their online question bank + mock tests is something that I really appreciate. But, only 7 mentoring sessions aren't enough at all.

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