Katphree has been started this year by a group of friends from various Top B-schools!

The team consists of 

1) Rishabh Archi Singh - A merit Scholar of IIM K (19-21)

Product Manager at Games 24* 7 

LRDI Expert 

Cat 2018 - 99.56

Rishab Archi Singh LinkedIn

2) Amit Singh  - IIM Ahmedabad (18-20) 

A IIT IIM Alumni 

Associate at Morgan Stanley 

Quants DILR Expert

Cat 2017 - 99.97 2020 - 100 2021- 99.99 Cat 2022- 100

Amit Singh Linkdin

3) Shamik Bandopadhyay - XLRI Jameshdpur (18-20)

Associate at Pwc 

Verbal Expert

Cat 2017- 98.89( 99.92 Verbal) 

XAT 2018- 99.93

Shamik LinkedIn

4) Navneet Singh - IIM Bodhgaya (18-20) 

Senior Manager Cogport

Quants Expert 

Navneet Singh LinkedIn

5) Sumit Suman - IIM Sambalpur ( 19-21) 

Product Manager Unilever

Verbal Expert 

Sumit Suman LinkedIn

And many more!!. 

Course fee is just 10k

Interactive + Live ( Recording)

Mock analysis ( By Currently studying student in IIM ) 

1-1 doubt session 2 times a week.

Batch - Max 25 in 1 batch 

Gdpi Included  

Personal Mentorship 

Profile Building 

Contact No - 9426552253/7010879446/Whatsapp ( +1 (762) 265-0985) 


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Romil Mahajan - Jun 3, 2023

Katphree provides an all round preparation for any student who wants to ace CAT and other aptitude examinations. Credit to Amit Sir and team who are doing a commendable job in providing excellent quality of coaching or education to students. The strategies that are shared really help and makes the targets achievable. There should be no hesitation in joining this coaching if anyone wants to be among the top percentilers.

Rohit Khatua - Jun 3, 2023

One of the best yet underrated places for every person preparing for CAT. Amit sir's approach to all the quant concepts along with his proficiency in lrdi and varc is the only mantra one needs for cracking the exam. Just a week into Katphree I can see the difference in my approach towards the exam, I also feel much more confident than I ever was before. If you are reading this, trust me, and go for Katphree if you want to crack the exam. 

Sanchit kumar - Jun 3, 2023
When I joined katphree, I found it really good. The recorded lectures are also provided and Amit sir teaches really well. His approach towards the question is exceptional and it also helped me to get the inside knowledge of the concepts. When it comes to batch size and fees, to enhance a one to one mentorship there is limited number of students and fees is also minimal. I joined around February and now I solve lrdi,qa and varc at a great pace and yeah everyday Amit sir message motivational lines which helps to have a good start of the day.
Prajakta - Jun 1, 2023

I joined Katphree a month ago and they actually delivers what they promised . Classes are  conducted on time and we are provided with recordings and all the required material .Neo is an exceptional teacher and even better mentor . How you perceive CAT makes a lots of difference and Neo definitely helped me with that . His teaching style and the way he approaches any question introduced me to the skills required to bell the CAT. As there are less students in the class, and classes are interactive, all my doubts are solved in class. mock analysis is done in class which is helping me a lot . Noe’s daily motivational massages are cherry on the top !!Highly recommended…..

Pratiksha Agarwal - May 31, 2023

I joined katphree one month ago. Its quite amazing. Very interactive and specialized program with limited students in the most affordable price. Amit sir is expert in his field. And always ready to solve our queries. The best thing that i like about him that he push every student to reach their true potential, specially for those who are like me .. Ek din ache se pdenge and next 2 days tak usko celebrate krenge ?.  

Before this, I have an experience of offline and online Institute that are available in market(both are reputed and quite expensive in comparison to katphree). But the kind of personalised attention, mentorship provided here, noone else is providing. 

Gracy Prakriti Krishna - May 30, 2023

I came across Katphree while looking for help and guidance for CAT preparation. The mentors are genuine and look after everyone individually, which is rare elsewhere. I am a recent joiner, and the way the topics and the mocks have been covered is impressive. Their approach to dealing with one's weaknesses and strategies has allowed me to analyze my performance and make improvements. One should join Katphree to score a great percentile and convert the top colleges.

Fatima Arif - May 26, 2023

I joined Katphree recently, the prime reason being that it offers an exceptional learning experience of having a mentor to guide you throughout the journey. They cover all relevant topics and provide plenty of practice exercises and mock tests. This comprehensive approach has not only improved my conceptual understanding but also my problem-solving abilities and time management skills. Furthermore, the personalised attention and feedback I've received have been invaluable. They take the time to assess each student's strengths and weaknesses and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. This personalised approach has allowed me to focus on my areas of improvement and make significant progress. The educator is approachable, encouraging questions and providing prompt and detailed responses. I highly recommend Katphree to anyone seeking serious preparation of the CAT exam.

Rohit Nalawade - May 24, 2023

I have recently joined Katphree and it's been the best decision I have made in my CAT journey. USP of the course is individual attention that every student gets during and after classes. Each day, articles, sets, questions are sent on a WhatsApp group which every student has to attempt before coming for class. So, rather than faculty solving sums and explaining it, students are encouraged to first attempt questions before class which is the best learning way, in my opinion. Regular mocks are given and mock analysis happens in the class itself. And lastly, motivational messages sent by Neo really help when going gets tough.

Sanjana - May 18, 2023

By far the best ever !!! Need not to mention or boast the efforts they put in but m glad having found them . The best timely classes and the rigorous efforts sir puts in will make you work even hard . He is always available to guide you and sort any kind of doubt I was struggling with verbal and Dilr which was my reason to join basically and I can already see the improvement . Everything in so genuine cost and under one roof highly recommend !! 

Vinayak Dhotre - May 7, 2023

The best way to score in any exam is to get guidance from people who have already aced it!

I'm so glad I found Katphree! After struggling with the CAT exam on my own for two attempts, I was feeling lost and frustrated. But with the help of dedicated efforts by mentors from top IIMs, I am finally headed in the right direction and I'm already seeing improvement in my performance. The daily problem-solving exercises, mock analysis, and mentor's feedback is being invaluable in improving my hold on sections. But what really sets Katphree apart is their commitment to their students and affordability. They are always available to answer queries and offer support. I appreciate how mentors at Katphree push me to do my best every day, and I feel more confident and motivated than ever before. In the age of coachings offering nothing even at prices above 40k rupees, if you're looking for a genuinely supportive and effective program for CAT, OMETs, and interview preparation with a proven track record, I highly recommend Katphree! 

Shubham - May 3, 2023

This coaching is more like a mentorship in which we get personal attention and we are pushed to work on our weak areas! 

Classes are held on zoom that too interactive one in which we can interact with the faculty!. 

Doubts are solved personally. 

Quants and DILR is taken by Neo sir who is 100 percentile himself twice and young IIM ahm alumini. 

Verbal by shamik sir who is at different level in verbal xlri passed out 

All the mentors are currently working!! 

Batch size is too small 

Suyash Sharma - Apr 16, 2023

This coaching institute are truly the real mentors in my life as they guide you by the scratch and according to your strength and weakness really appreciate the initiatives that they are giving to the students of themselves 

Shreya Singh - Apr 8, 2023

Katphree Team is very helpful and dedicated. The amount is minimal but the content they provide at this price is worth it. And the best part is they don't differentiate between their students and students who are not part of this program. At every step they are ready to guide us. If any of the classes is missed they provide you the recordings. Comming to faculty, Amit Sir is super duper helpful. His prompt response to any queries is really appreciated. And the extra mile he go to provide all the content and readiness to help you at any point in time is amazing. His style of teaching makes the topic interesting and easy to understand. Glad that I found these mentors so early in my preparation phase.

Somya Maheshwari - Apr 8, 2023

I joined Katphree few months back. The best part is they teach us from basics and the teachers are very friendly cooperative. The way of teaching is wonderful and refreshing.And really knows how to motivate students .they help us a lot especially amit sir.His passion and dedication is beyond words As a student ,you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth.For every area we have different teachers ,they also guide us with our profile and internships .Classes are on regular basis we can ask our doubt without any hesitation , once again the best is individual attention is provided to everyone I highly recommend this coaching for CAT and other management exams. I am blessed our paths has crossed . Amit sir is indeed exceptional. 


Kashish jain - Apr 8, 2023

I joined this coaching few months back at first I was skeptical about it but now I think this was a good decision. The faculty is very friendly, very helpful, and they are all from top b school of the country and quite experienced. They provide personal guidance to every student. They also provide personal doubt session to every student. They are always there to help u specially Amit sir. What i really liked about this institution is that they give attention to each student and provide guidance at personal level which set it apart from other institutions.

Praveen - Apr 5, 2023

I joined Katphree in Last month. Was little bit doubtful that how they can take the classes at this much low rate! 

After enrolling I was explained everything in properly like what should be the strategy you can contact any of mentor any time and they respond too fast!! 

Shamik Rishabh Navneet Amit sir took my mocks I didn't have decent calls but still they took my mock in very better way like listening to my answer answering my queries. The best part was it was free of cost! You can have as many mock interview you want ! 

Than I get to know about there classes ! 

Amit sir take quants Dilr  the way he teach and explain and solve the queries is too good you can ask him whatever you want! 

Same chapter was taken 3-4 times too many questions .

Dilr he send sets and solve in the class itself the only issue is his handwriting!!. 

Verbal again Shamik sir guides Rc is being discussed and proper reading habits is being develop you can summarise it and send them. 

Doubts you can book with them and can be discussed individually 

Fees is so less 1k / pm that too not in advance + they won't force you to pay!!

Classes are on zoom that too interactive one!!

Individual attention is being provided! 

Anshika Soni - Apr 4, 2023

I joined katphree few months back and I can't thank them enough for what they are doing. The classes are very interactive and happen on regular basis. And the best part is the batch size which is small so the attention is given to each and everyone. Everyday the study material is being shared in the group and the same is discussed in the class. What i love about katphree is that the faculty is very dedicated, they will solve all your queries as when required. They will be available if you need any personal guidance. The quality of service they are providing is at par if I compare with the fee. This is surely one stop if you are looking for MBA preparation. 

Anmol Chitransh - Apr 4, 2023
Mentors especially focus on each and every student, with feedback on areas to improve, regular live classes on concepts, followed by practice and doubt-solving sessions. Katphree has been amazing in all aspects. Amit sir takes the quants and dilr concepts, he makes sure everybody understands the concept before moving ahead, and no one is left behind. He keeps motivating us to do our best and personally makes sure everyone is on the right track. Highly recommended for CAT and other management exams.
Kartik Grover - Apr 3, 2023

I joined Katphree few months back and I must say the programme is the best out of others. Since the day I am joined, I was added to WhatsApp groups where they share material for reading & different modules & sheet daily. Not only this but the doubts of the same are taken in live classes.

The thing which i like most is that the faculty is very dedicated & interactive and they always try to make us comfortable with the subject. The pricing is just negligible for what the services they are providing. The faculty is just a call away whenever i need some personal guidance too.

Aashi - Apr 3, 2023

From the day of beginning, I have been enjoying my CAT journey and all credit goes to the katphree team, especially Amit sir, he was one of the most excellent teachers I have ever met, and the entire faculty is exceptional. All the topics are covered in a very detailed and simplified manner. Each student is picked out personally and countered with attention during the live classes. Anytime students feel demotivated, they make sure to make his/her comfortable. one-one doubt-solving session held and queries can be asked at any time. I’m delighted with the way of teaching and management.  Accumulated with fabulous mentors these classes are worth joining and you won't regret the guidance at all. thankyou! 

Ayushi - Apr 3, 2023

I really enjoy the classes of katphree. It is well- planned and easy to follow. The experience with katphree is being on the positive side as the class sheets and the quality which this class covers and provides is to the level of CAT. Very detailed and organised or if the classes missed in anyway the recordings also be provided just after the classes. More importantly, if i talk about about faculty they are very co-operative - Amit Sir, Gautam Sir and the rests. Glad and Fortunate to have such mentors like this. At every step they guide us . Every student in the class is Targeted no one is missed out this is the best thing i like during the class. Further , Doubt sessions one to one also held as per the schedule given to Every student. The way Amit sir guide us for quants I guess this is the best thing has ever happened to me as i am genuinely weak at quants. Even his approach to the verbals and reasoning sections they are also good. Concluding to this, If you genuinely looking for good iim's and fabulous mentors these classes are worth to join and you won't regret the guidance at all. 


Rohit - Apr 3, 2023

The Team is super dedicated and super friendly. There is no high price tag but the quality is very high. The faculty is really good and motivating, they help you in finding your weakness and working on it. I would strongly recommend this to every MBA exams aspirant.

swapnil waghmare - Apr 3, 2023

I joined this amazing classes few months back , personalised, in depth and very thorough. Never felt alone , specially Amit sir keeps everything in check , never came across a faculty who is this dedicated . Concept clarity , enough problems , one to one interaction in this era of coaching is very rare . I am extremely satisfied and urge others to join and see the difference of a coach and a tutor , you will get a coach here , thank you Amit sir .

Sanskriti Varshney - Apr 3, 2023

I’ve enrolled in Katphree few months back , and I’m extremely satisfied with the way of teaching and management. The best part about it , is batch size is very small because of that teachers give personal attention to each student. Faculty responds to queries very quickly. All the faculty members are very supportive and motivating. 

QA & LRDI : Amit Sir takes classes on weekly basis. Class sessions are highly interactive, and he teaches every topic in depth and in a way that is very easy to understand. The study material shared by him is also very helpful 

VARC : Newspaper articles and other reading material is shared on the group on daily basis. Other than that , various other RCs and tests are sent for the same 

Overall I’m very much satisfied with KatPhree and will highly recommend it to other CAT aspirants 

Aman rawat - Apr 3, 2023

"I enrolled in KATPHREE for CAT preparation, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Despite the low fees the quality of coaching and attention to each student is exceptional. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable and supportive, and they are guiding us through the entire syllabus with great care. 

One of the thing I appreciate the most is the personalised attention given to each student. The faculty members are always available to clear our doubts and provide us with feedback on our performance. This helped me stay motivated and improve my weak areas. 

The study material provided by Amit sir for Quants and LRDI is really good. The faculty also provided us with excellent tips and strategies for time management while dealing with any Question. 

Overall, I would highly recommend KATPHREE to anyone looking for CAT coaching. The low fees, combined with the excellent quality of coaching and attention to students, make it an excellent choice for those looking for value for their money. Thank you to the entire team for their hard work and dedication. "

Surya Sharma - Apr 3, 2023

I am a cat aspirant at Katphree and I strongly recommend everyone who are looking for online coaching. I would say it's not coaching it's learning with mentoring. They take healthy individual doubts sessions which has improved my weakness. Faculties help us like anything else form sending articles to summarizing it and help us in improving our weakness and fostering our strengths. I am glad to be a part of Katphree tribe. 

Rashmi Jain - Apr 3, 2023

I am a student at Katphree. The faculty here is amazing. They take endless doubt sessions, according to my timings and are always there to resolve any queries I may have. Glad to have found such an amazing and dedicated team. 

Riten Shah - Apr 3, 2023
I've recently joined KATPHREE. From my experience I can say that Mentors are very interactive and encouraging. They set particular path that would be most suitable to student keeping in mind his/her weaknesses and strengths and will push you maximum to get the best out of you. Sessions are planned very frequently, all the doubts and questions are discussed very thoroughly. And most important thing is I get mentors experience who have already passed through the journey and aced it so, it helps in modifying my approach. 
Anil Kumar Yadav - Apr 3, 2023

Well My experience at katphree has been too good. I got personal attention from the Katphree faculty during my interview preparation. You can just call or message any faculty anytime and clear your mind. The faculty is quite professional.The course fee at katphree is very less and affordable as compared to other coaching institutes. classes are amazing, in  class a topic is started from basic to advanced. Anyone can clear its doubt in a live class or it can be cleared in doubt session held one on one basis for everyone. There is unlimited personal  interview session.

So, highly recommended!

Ankita Tiwari - Apr 3, 2023

Teachers are best here!

you might not have seen the AD of this coaching everywhere like other coaching conspire marketing, but trust me it’s worth to study from this institute.

Mentors are doing remarkable work here, it is the best place to start your CAT journey.

Anupama Mathad - Apr 3, 2023
I joined Katphree recently and have been seeing myself improve a lot. Thanks to the mentors here. All the 3 sections of Quants, LRDI and VARC are taken care by solving numerous questions that gives us enough practice to get comfortable with topics. Doubt solving sessions are conducted every week and classes are interactive.Regular reading habits are encouraged and to help with the same articles are provided. Amit sir takes Quants and DILR classes, he keeps giving insights on different approaches and tricks to solve the problems which is veryy helpfull for managing time. Along with all this daily motivation is provided to instill positive mindset. 
Emil Reji - Apr 3, 2023
The coaching class is well organized, engaging and effective in helping students with the cat preparation. The prices are affordable. Students have direct contact with the mentors.The batch size is maximum 25 that means each and every student gets the individual attention they require.I especially like the one on one doubt solving session. Overall, I highly recommend Katphree.
shambhavi Sharma - Apr 3, 2023

The biggest resistance before you start doing something  is that you think you don't know anything.  So primarily  I was at  the same place . But then there's come a good learning platform with right mentors who actually  gives a direction to your provoking thoughts . .

Coming back , katphree is the best place to kick start ur journey . As they cover each modules and concepts with humongous amount of practice. The classes are interactive  and lively .

Quants : quantitative aptitude  usually  be the Achilles heel for non engineer background.  But  you make sure that one will be thorough and comfortable with the topic after having done with amit singh class as he explains everything  in detail and starts from basic . 

Lrdi : this section is more about practice. Amit sir handles this section too . Variety of sets are solved in the classes . 

Verbal . Everyday newspaper is being shared in the whatsapp group .making students to write summary and share personally to mentors. As regular reading habit is a key to crack verbal .along with this various strategies  and rc sessions are conducted. 

 Along with doubt solving sessions one get to have a direct contact  with mentors as proper guidance and right direction is equally  important. 

All the best :)

Shruti Jha - Apr 3, 2023

One of the best coaching with one on one mentorship and guidance... All the three aspects LRDI, VARC and quants are very well taken care of... The best part is the faculty here are very Considerate.. they solve all our doubts and problems ..They are themselves from the Top B School of the country .Every aspect is take care of from profile building to endless Personal Interviews ... 

Kajal Chaudhary - Apr 3, 2023

Anyone and everyone who is looking for CAT prep, trust me this is one stop solution to your problems. From preparation to mock interview they ace at everything. The best part is they are alumini of reputed B-school so they do have first hand experience of what you are going through. Unlike other cliche Institute this one is run by brilliant youngsters who are ready to help you with everything in this journey. 

Amisha - Apr 3, 2023

The mentors here are very cooperative and supportive . They are keeping a low batch size so that they can focus on each and every student with one on one interaction. Amit sir takes the LRDI and quants classes and he is really good with it , everyday he comes up with a new trick and the easiest way to solve any question. We get daily tests , articles to read and various other assignments and reading materials. They also keep a track on our scores to know how we are performing and where we are lagging for our better improvement. With a monthly fee of 1k and free gdpi course , I think katphree is a great choice for me.

zayan - Apr 3, 2023

"I recently joined KATPHREE , From the initial consultation to Now, Amit Sir Showed a level of expertise, professionalism, and dedication towards me, till now he provided valuable insights and guidance on the range of topics including VARC, DILR, Quants providing ways to deal with the Quant problems how to approach The VARC, strategy behind DILR and understanding my individual goals and challenges and tailoring his coaching approach in unique way which will suit for me. What I appreciate most about Amit sir was the ability to challenge me to push me out of my comfort zone providing me feedback, and identifying my weak section, clearing my concepts from basics, taking one-to-one doubt session to clear my doubts.

Chinmya Kathait - Apr 3, 2023

Its the best coaching with most affordable price in market.  I will not say it as a coaching rather a startup on mission to revolutionize the CAT preparation with individual guidance strategy and right mentiorship. Even after CAT the GDPI guidance is provided free of cost. 

Harshit Maheshwari - Apr 3, 2023

As soon as I was enrolled in the program , I was added to a whatsapp group where daily quiz and articles are posted. They gave one to one guidance about my profile and helped me throughout. All faculties are quick in response. Every topic is thoroughly explained. 

QA : Amit sir explains every topic in depth. 

DILR : Same as quants 

VARC : Faculties take sessions periodically for strategies. 

shambhavi Sharma - Apr 3, 2023

 . The classes are interactive and lively .the syllabus is covered with concepts and lots of practice.  Moreover one gets to have a direct and regular contact with the mentors.  Hence making it a right place  for your  cat journey. 

Ravi - Apr 3, 2023

The mentorship programme is too good specially the doubt solving session! 

Quants - The best like too many modules. Specially that Neo he is master in this 

DILR - Same as quants the

Verbal - Shamik sir he explained so properly things!! 

Batch size is too small interactive classes !! 

All of them are working you can contact to them anytime there are too many options available

For PI I gave around 6-7 mocks free of cost and all to different . 

They are too calm they not only listen but in even help us to phrase the answer 

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