Unacademy is India’s premier online education provider catering to a variety of students, including those preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. It has numerous well-known “educators” on its platform, who take live classes on various topics. Unacademy has also recently launched classroom coaching in some cities such as New Delhi. 

Online Subscription Plans:

Scholarships worth up to 50% subscription price are available

Classroom Coaching:

Unacademy Delhi Centre - 2nd Floor, 9A, Phelps Building, A-Block, Middle Circle, Connaught Place- 110001

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Phone: +91 85858 58585

Website: www.unacademy.com 


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Kavita - Dec 7, 2023

I enrolled in Unacademy in January 2023 for CAT coaching, opting for classes with Karishma mam for VARC and Ravi Prakash sir for Quants and LRDI. The flexibility to choose from a pool of 8-10 educators was a plus, allowing me to tailor my learning experience. Unacademy's platform also allowed me to explore teachings from other educators.

My overall experience with Unacademy was positive, thanks to the freedom in educator selection. However, a drawback was the sudden termination of Ravi Prakash sir, just two months before the CAT exam. This unforeseen change disrupted our preparation and had a significant impact on our study plan. Despite this setback, the platform's diverse educator options and flexibility contributed to a generally good learning experience.

Arsh - Dec 4, 2023
Unacademy Review - Mixed Experience with Notable Instructors

I subscribed to Unacademy and primarily studied under Ravi Prakash Sir and Shabana Mam. The course generally offered 2-3 classes per day, with Ravi Sir focusing on quants and LRDI in VARC. 

Pros of Unacademy Classes:
The classes provided by Unacademy were generally good, with effective teaching from Ravi Sir and Shabana Mam. The emphasis on reading and practice was a positive aspect.

Cons - Lack of Practice Questions and Mocks:
However, one significant drawback was the insufficient availability of practice questions and mocks. This aspect left a gap in the overall learning experience.

Departure of Ravi Prakash Sir:
In October, Ravi Prakash Sir left Unacademy. This departure, in my perspective, has impacted the course's appeal, making it less compelling for new subscribers.

Considering the current scenario and the departure of a notable instructor, I would advise against joining Unacademy at this point.

Comparison with Career Launcher Test Series:
Additionally, I availed mock tests from Career Launcher, and the experience was positive. Their test series offered well-structured video explanations and a comprehensive practice section, enhancing the overall learning process.

In conclusion, while Unacademy provides good classes, the lack of practice material and the departure of Ravi Prakash Sir may diminish its appeal. Considering alternatives like Career Launcher with a positive test series experience might be worth exploring.
Gurmeet Singh - Nov 4, 2022

Some of the faculty members are really good at Unacademy for CAT. I browsed initially during free subscription time and chose the educators I wanted to study from in my subscription period. 

I studied from Ravi Prakash for both for QA and LRDI. Then I studied with Karishma Vanvani for VARC, she is an ex educator now. All an aspirant needs is to find the educator they understand and enjoy studying with because there are going to be many ups and downs of emotions during preparation and the right educators can make that journey a lot easier. 

All the three sections are extensively covered for CAT with sufficient emphasis on additional OMETs topics. Some of the mocks of UA are really good but I feel, the user interface can be improved by a lot.

I personally feel that UA educators and notes section provides more than enough notes, so I wouldn't recommend any additional study material for CAT. But the aspirant do need to research and work extra hard in case you are preparing for a specific OMET because the pattern and the demand of the test can be different from CAT.

Messi - Oct 31, 2022

It was great that I could try different educators in the first few days and then choose the one that suited my pace. 

Two educators that I’d like to mention are Bharat Gupta sir for Quantitative Aptitude and Shabana ma’am for VARC. Bharat sir is absolutely fabulous and any student who attends all his lectures and does all his sheets is already 80 percent there. 20 percent would be simply trying new questions everyday. I’ve always been an avid reader and I thought that would be enough for my VARC preparation but I was mistaken. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into maximising the attempts as well as accuracy and Shabana ma’am’s lectures do just that. Moreover, her lectures are a treat and can genuinely act as a stress buster after studying all day.

Although Unacademy has its own test series called AIMT, I would recommend getting one more (TIME/CL). This doesn’t mean you should only give TIME mocks. You should give AIMT as well but don’t expect the paper quality to be as good as TIME’s or CL’s. All in all Unacademy is genuinely better than any other institute out there.

Sudhanshu Bhatt - Oct 29, 2022

I feel Unacademy is far better than any offline coaching. I had earlier enrolled in IMS. I also took demo classes of CL, made some friends there, and they had to join UA later.

Xavi - Oct 26, 2022

I think UA good for QA and LRDI only for Ravi prakash sir. For me he is better than other educators not only in UA but also in CL. IMS etc because he covers all the topics and does extensive practice in class. No one else will solve 500+ lrdi sets live in class. While there are some videos on Youtube as well, it is only 20-30% of the course and on UA you will get his full course.

Shan - Oct 25, 2022

From content point of view, I think it is the best, be it quants, Lrdi or Varc. But I think a student can feel burdened because of too many classes daily and not being able to do self study.

Mocks are good but analysis of mocks is missing in video format. Analysis classes get cancelled or not done on many occasions.

Just a suggestion to all if you are thinking of going for UA - If you are a student who has plenty of time in a day, then you can go for UA as it has great content for practice and more. But if you are working or college student with hectic schedule don't go for UA because it may be very hectic for you to cope with the classes.

Rohit Jamwal - Oct 19, 2022

QA: Ravi Prakash sir is undoubtedly the best. While the length of the courses may be a bit longer as compared to others, but all high quality questions and concepts are covered thoroughly in the course. He explains each concept in depth that too in an easy to understand format. 10/10 recommended.

The UA practice session never suited my practice style, so instead I did worksheets of other institutes. They are easily available on google drive in the telegram group of each educator.

LRDI: Ravi Prakash sir is again the go to educator for this course. He covered more than 500 sets in his courses. The LRDI assignment plus his classes are easily sufficient to ace LRDI. It is very important to cover a large variety of questions in LRDI and Ravi sir's course ensures that you get a breadth of sets to learn and practice.

VARC: Didn't follow any educator religiously. My VARC was good from the beginning so I never felt the need to follow a course. However I did attend the strategy session of Shabana ma'am and they helped me in score stabilization and optimising my attempts.

Madhumita - Oct 19, 2022

Actually I didn't like the coaching as such because there is no good verbal faculty in Unacademy. The only thing that puts a smile on my face everytime I hear Unacademy is Ravi Prakash sir... if he leaves Unacademy..I am sure many students will also leave! He is not just a teacher or faculty, he is a true mentor.

My only suggestion to future aspirants is to follow Ravi sir blindly and whenever Career Launcher's VARC1000 Course by Gejo sir comes (Usually it comes in may/june) just take that, that is the best for VARC.

Harsh Verma - Oct 6, 2022

Unacademy is good for quants and lrdi but the courses are too big, with lots of concepts and practice. If you were to take my advice go for ims or time. Both have a long history of quality education. The best teacher on UA in Ravi Prakash - he's too good at quants and also teaching the concepts. But what i felt was certain things were not necessary from CAT pov. When I watch IMS's Simcat analysis I felt that the questions and approach was more CAT oriented.

Muskan - Oct 5, 2022

Unacademy provided me with a larger number of faculties. All are fabulous. But according to me, the best faculty for VARC section is Lokesh sharma. For Quant section, I mainly focused on content created by Raman Tiwari and Bharat Gupta and some more for just practice. For DILR section, Ravi Prakash and Sameer Sardana are the best.

Yash - Sep 20, 2022

If you're self driven you can join Unacademy. There are a lot of educators and everyone will have their own courses, so you get to choose your educator which is a good point. Mocks and study material are below par. The classes they take is way more than the ones you get offline so that can be another plus point if you are a slow learner.

Girija - Sep 7, 2022

Good educators. But it's very confusing which teacher one should and shouldn't follow.

Study material: 5 star

Education Quality: 5 star

Tests: 3 star

Mocks: 3 star

Course completion: 2 star (reason: if you follow a batch, then teacher changes for every topic. Hence, don't have a proper timeline when the syllabus will be completed)

Souvik Basu - Aug 31, 2022

Educators are actually good in term of their knowledge as well as their understanding of the subjects. Ravi sir is one of my favourites not just because of his calculation skills, but also due to his sound understanding. His logical reasoning teaching skill helped me a lot.

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