What are the different criteria used for MBA selection?

A. Marks in 10th
B. Marks in 12th
C. Marks in Graduation (May even differ from stream to stream)
D. Work Experience (type of Work Experience doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere)
E. Gender
F. Diversity Factor
G. Performance in GD / PI / WAT
H. Last but certainly not the least – CAT / Exam SCORE

I have a gap between my 12th and Graduation. How do I justify that?

 First off - good that you know that you have a gap which needs justification. 

 Why did you have that gap? Illness? Family issues? Preparing for some other exam?

 Be truthful in your explanation. TBH, at that age a very high level of maturity isn't really expected out of you!


I have a gap after my Graduation. How do I justify that?

First off - good that you know that you have a gap which needs justification. 

Why did you have that gap? Illness? Family issues? Preparing for some other exam? Tried to get a job but couldn't make it work?

At this age a certain amount of maturity is expected out of you.

Look at different ways you can explain that gap. Family Business. Plethora of courses available on net. Internships. Job - For any job is better than none at all!

Need to have a storyline to justify that you are an active go - getter, a man with a plan!

I graduated in June this year and planning to appear for CAT this year. Since the admission will be June of next year; will this year be considered as a drop year (from June this year til next year)

Yes. This year will be considered as a gap year. Please plan on how to utilise this time and explain the same in the interview

I graduated in May this year and will join a job till I get an MBA college. Will this work experience be calculated for CAT only till 31st July? If yes, what's the point of working further. If no, will they consider work experience of later months (after July) after getting the call?

1. Yes, this experience will be counted only till 31st July. You may ask yourself whether it is worth putting yourself through the ordeal of all the preparation.

2. The point of why you should continue further is that we don't really know if CAT plan will materialise or not. If it doesn't, we should have a backup plan.

3. Any additional experience after the 31st July mark can help make your interview even better. You can utilize this opportunity to portray yourself as a serious aspirant - assuming you work diligently and are able to answer questions thrown at you. You may not get points for it but you can make your interview better

Do all IIMs have 100% placements??

No. They don't. It is all a marketing gimmick plus data manipulation - Kind of what any MBA is all about.

How/ When do I apply for Non - IIM institutions like IIFT/ FMS/ MDI Gurgaon?

There will be a separate notifications for each of the individual Non - IIM institution. Once that notification is released, you will go to the website of that institution, fill their forms and pay the respective fees. 

ONLY AFTER THAT would you be considered for that particular institution.

Do all IITs have separate admission process?

Seven IITs offer various MBA programmes. IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay are ranked among top 20 MBA institutes in India.

Application process for IIT MBA admission starts post CAT result declaration. Interviews are conducted between February and April.

Admission process is conducted separately for each institute. They have a really high ROI!

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