CAT 2022 Percentiles:

Verbal 97, DILR 95, QA 95, OA 98.26

Q1: Tell us about your background – education (engg/non-engg, academic record), any work-ex?

I did my graduation in B. A Liberal Arts with majors in Literature from Chandigarh University 2022. I am a fresher. I scored 93% in 10th, 76% in 12th, and 81% in Graduation (B. A.).

Q2: When did you start preparing for CAT?

I took the decision of giving CAT after my graduation. In the month of July, I started my preparation.

Q3: Did you take any coaching/tuition for CAT? How was your experience?

I took an online self-study course from Takshzila, the course helped me a lot in clearing my basics, and as it was a self-study course so I was able to study at my own pace.

Q4: How did you pace your CAT preparation, i.e. how did the daily time spent on preparation change over the course of your journey?

As I was not doing any job most of the days I had enough time to study for CAT. I focused mainly on building the basics and practicing questions more and more.

Q5: What were your strong and weak areas/subjects, and how did you prepare for those (time devoted, specific resources used etc.)?

I did not have any strong or any weak areas. All subjects were equally difficult for me. But the more I practised, the easier the topics became. The biggest chunk of my time went to Quants, with VARC and DILR side by side. I focused on completing Arithmetic due to its huge weightage and also did most of the topics in Geometry and Algebra. I did previous-year questions and the questions provided in the course itself for practice.  

Q6: Were there occasions (during preparation or the exam) when you felt stressed or dejected, and how did you manage it?

There are many occasions when one feels stressed, and not in the mood for study. What I did during these times was to give a mock - either sectionals or full - and do nothing for the rest of the day. Due to this, I got a clearer mind the next day, and my consistency remained intact.

Q7: Are there any good habits/lifestyle choices that helped you succeed and you’d recommend others to follow?

The main challenge during the preparation is consistency - you have to study every day. Even if you study 1-2 hrs it’s ok, but studying every day is a must.

Another important aspect is revision. You have to revise frequently what you studied, otherwise it would be of no use. I made a revision time table for myself which I followed diligently. Also, make your own notes – it helps a lot during the last months of preparation.