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It takes a lot of effort to arrange a wedding reception. Even after the venue is booked, there are still things such as invitation cards, menu and dresses that need attention, not to mention the sequence of customary events. Three friends — Asit, Amit and and Ajit — work together to get all of these chores done by themselves so that the newly wed couple and their families are not troubled. The time it takes them to do everything together is 6 days less than Asit would have taken working alone, 1 day less than Amit would have taken alone, and half the time Ajit would have taken working alone. How long did it take them to do everything by working together?


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Sumanth paul - Apr 14, 2023

My answer is 2/3 days

Sum of reciprocals of times taken by each of them is equal to the reciprocal of time taken by all three of them together

Ayushi verma - Apr 14, 2023

My answer is 2/3hours or 40min

Let the as it+Ajit+Amit to complete the whole work be x hours

Then time taken by asit alone = X+6

 Amit alone = X+1

Ajit alone = 2x

So, 1/(X+6) + 1/(X+1) + 1/(2x) = 1/X

Solving this we get, 3x²+7x-6=0

(3x-2)(X+3)= 0

X  = 2/3 hours or 40 min

Simran Raman - Apr 14, 2023

3.167 days

Ankit Shah - Apr 14, 2023

0.67 days