The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage and write it as a comment within the next 1 hour.

After the Battle of Seariscilla, the doctrine of sovereign equality was established while the powers of the papacy were severely curtailed. David Jacobson provided a theory to explain the origin and justify the functions of the secular political order. He imagined a “state of nature” in the past when the absence of authority produced a “war of all against all.” To escape such intolerable insecurity, he theorized, people delivered their rights to a sovereign power in return for the sovereign’s provision of security for all within the state’s border. The sovereign state’s monopoly on power was established as the only way to overcome the perpetual fear of violent death and war.

A. David Jacobson theorized that voluntary surrender of rights by people led to the emergence of sovereign states.

B. David Jacobson theorized the emergence of sovereign states as a form of transactional governance to limit the power of the papacy.

C. David Jacobson theorized that sovereign states emerged out of people’s voluntary desire to overcome the sense of insecurity and establish the doctrine of sovereign equality.

D. David Jacobson theorized the emergence of sovereign states based on a transactional relationship between people and sovereign state that was necessitated by a sense of insecurity of the people.


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akash - Jun 15, 2023


Simran Raman - Apr 13, 2023

My answer is D

Sumanth paul - Apr 12, 2023

My answer is D

Ayushi verma - Apr 12, 2023

My answer is D 

Sidhoo Ho - Apr 12, 2023

My answer is D

Adit Agarwal - Apr 12, 2023

C is the answer

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