If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

- Sir Isaac Newton


We all need mentors in life.


If you are preparing for CAT and OMETs, you may be wondering:

- How to start your preparation?

- How to allocate time between different subjects?

- How you should analyse mocks to improve?

- How you should face the ups and downs of mock scores, academic schedule and work pressure?

- What can you do to improve your CV?

- What can you expect on the big day of CAT, and how to stay calm and composed?

- What is MBA life like, and how you can prepare yourself for it?


We are here to help. We offer:

- 1-1 Mentorship: 30-45 mins video calls to discuss your preparation, profile and strategy

- Top-Notch Guidance: Our mentors have exceptional credentials to help you with your queries.

- Choice of Mentors: Want to stick to one, or get different views? You decide who you speak with.

- Free & Easy Structure: You’ll decide the content of the calls, based on your questions.   

- Reliability: Tired of scheduling hassles and no-shows? Don’t worry, we will co-ordinate the process.

- Pay-As-You-Go: No upfront lump-sum fee. You won’t lose anything if you decide to stop.

- First Call Free: Still not convinced? Try out and see if it works for you.


These mentors are happy to assist you (in alphabetical order):

How it works:

- If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form.

- We will share our WhatsApp Group details for you to join, once the form is filled.

- You will indicate your preferred mentors.

- We will reply with mentors’ available time slots.

- We agree on a time.

- You will make the payment (first call free, Rs. 300* thereafter)

- We will provide the dial-in details.

- You may share post-call feedback in the group.

- You may ask for video recording, by paying an extra Rs. 50 beforehand.

* Pricing may be adjusted later