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Personal Tutors for MBA Exam

We offer online coaching to those who are looking for winning results. Students who enroll with us get personal tutors for each subject such as MBA, CAT, and GMAT. This ensures proper care of the student and it is much easier for the said students to clarify their doubts. Here at Prepwiz, you can also learn how to become a tutor. And you will surely become one of the best private gmat tutors in India.

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What we do?

PrepWiz is a platform to help students prepare for competitive exams. We offer a novel way to prepare better by providing easy-to-understand analysis for students to know their topic-wise strengths and weaknesses and a dependable process to find expert tutors who can help them excel.

For cracking exams such as Common Admission Test (CAT) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), knowing your weak areas can be your biggest strength! PrepWiz helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses by providing topic-wise tests and easy-to-understand analysis.

After this initial diagnosis, it’s important to connect to the right doctor or in this case, a tutor! You can find the best tutor suited to your needs on PrepWiz, using our novel and dependable approach to determine a tutor’s problem-solving ability and teaching prowess.

We also let expert tutors showcase their skills easily and transparently. If you are a good tutor, let new students discover you on PrepWiz while you continue to focus on teaching.

PrepWiz is the ONLY platform that


Helps Students with Easy-to-Understand Feedback

Our topic-wise tests and easy-to-understand analysis helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses better.


Allows Students to Judge a Tutor’s Ability Easily

Students can view a tutor’s scores on the same tests and go through their video-based solutions to assess their problem-solving and teaching ability, before contacting them.


Enables Good Tutors to Distinguish Themselves

Expert tutors can gain visibility in a simple and transparent manner, as students can search for them based on their scores, videos and other parameters like subject focus and experience.