Byju's is another option for students aiming to prepare online for CAT and other management entrance exams. 


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Sam - Oct 27, 2022

BYJU's are good when it comes to mentorship, coaching, mocks and practice quizzes, etc. I have heard from other batch mates (1 or 2 out of 60) that their customer service is bad. But the only hassle is waiting for the tab(if you opt for it) after that in my opinion it's smooth sailing.

The live classes are top-notch. Doubts are cleared instantly in the classes and through the ask doubt option in their app, although I have not used this personally, but I can see the doubts of other members and they are always addressed.

The recorded videos in the tab are also very good, if one has the discipline to watch them they are very helpful.

Aside from 20 full length mocks, and 10 previous year papers, various section-wise and topic-wise quizzes, they also conduct all India mock through which I can gauge my standing compared to a larger crowd. The level of questions is also very good. Most mocks are harder compared to actually CAT papers.

They also have a "toppers batch" option based on All India mock performance, i recently got added to that batch and they teach some advanced problems and a lot of workshops happen (online+live) which are also good.

I joined BYJUs after writing their scholarship test and got a scholarship of 50%>. So I had to pay for just the discounted tab program and the live classes and other classes (which will come after CAT: WAT GD, PI classes) were free of cost. I would say there is a lack of clarity around the fee and everything as it depends on how you can haggle and how well you perform in the test, but all in all, I feel I got a good deal.

There are also personal mentoring sessions with 4-5 members in a group where you can get your non technical doubts addressed ( eg: how to go about with preparation, where I should concentrate based on my mock scores, how can I divide my time if I am a working professional, etc.) I got to attend one such session and it was helpful enough to get a structure in my preparation.

The VARC and DILR classes go really really well and I enjoy them a lot, and they have added great value to my preparation. The Quants section is also really good, but I can't comment more than this as I missed a lot of classes due to my work schedule. So I cover my Quants with the recorded sessions provided and they are the best. 

The faculty is the best thing that BYJU's can offer, followed by the mock tests.

Ritvik Jha - Oct 6, 2022

The faculty were good but not at all satisfied with the interaction. There was no regular interaction and mandatory classes. Videos were provided and 1 live class occurred in the evening but the kind of interaction and motivation a CAT aspirant needs was not provided. 

Mocks are good. They provide a good variety of questions but if someone asks me I will suggest them TIME, IMS, Studybuzz or Catking mocks. They are more relevant.

Harsh Verma - Sep 9, 2022

The mentorship provided for the students Is too bad...They never used to pick up the calls, once the student had joined. And also in the recorded sessions they are providing old content recorded 5yrs ago. Next, coming to the mock tests, the quality of the questions provided here is not good since many of the questions provided are wrong.

But to be honest not all the faculties are bad. There are some who are really awesome.