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Deepak - Dec 11, 2023

Faculty: Some of the faculty members were really talented, they were experts in their

subjects. I am grateful for the knowledge they imparted. But when we talk about the ones

on top, they were very rude. They took seminars, maybe it was their way of negative

motivation. But they destroyed my hopes by their harsh words. They talked in a rough

tone to everyone in the seminar like we can't do this, if we haven't solved the material

completely, then we shouldn't hope to be in a good college and that we are not worth it. I

lost my hope to give CAT last year because of their attitude. I don't know how many

students have gone through the same, but this needs to be heard.

Mocks: Their mocks are harder than the CAT level. I have seen something unusual this

year. The quant section doesn't have the same proportion for different sections.

Generally in CAT, the arithmetic section has 40 to 50 percent weightage, but this is not

the case in AIMCATS. Anyone can check this.

Study Material: The study material is divided into 2 parts: Basic and Advanced. The

basic material is really good, it helped me clear my basics. But when I tried solving the

advanced material, the solutions of the questions doesn't have a proper explanation

which makes it time consuming to solve.

Environment: The environment is professional but students are given notices on the way

they dress. They wrote notices where it was mentioned that we should wear decent

clothes to Coaching and we shouldn't dress for seeking attention, and stuff like that.

Divya - Nov 6, 2022

I joined TIME Pune Offline coaching and this is my feedback:

Quants and DILR faculty was good but verbal faculty was not upto the mark. TIME mocks are best, the analysis is amazing, study material is good. I am very happy with quant and DILR but not happy with verbal.

And also after completion of the course, they are not in touch with you like some online coaching like catking who come up daily to motivate students. That connection between students and the institute is missing.

Sarthak - Nov 5, 2022

I was a student of TIME Online course in 2021. 

The class started off well but the session had around 300+ students online and the issue was that they took 5 months from feb-june for the completion of arithmetic and later they began racing to complete the rest. We were told on the orientation day that the syllabus will be completed by june or max by july, whereas the portion got completed only in the month of September. They completed algebra, geometry and modern maths in 3 months and it was a bit problematic for me. The mocks were too tough at times and it also demoralized me.

But the booklets are great, they have a variety of questions. I took a year drop and this year completed the syllabus again through self study and youtube videos and completed sarvesh verma and times booklet by june and took IMS mocks and till now this has been fruitful.

I would suggest someone to get hold of times booklet and sarvesh verma as it has everything a beginner needs from understanding basics to advance level questions. Go for ims mock series and take something else too maybe CL or TIME, this will take care of varc and dilr and past papers will be the final one.

Nikhil Kapoor - Nov 1, 2022


Pros - 

1) Excellent level of tests. Difficulty level rises with each exam.

2) Great level of competition due to a good number of students giving these mocks from all accross the country. One may expect better percentile in actual exam as the competition would be with these students only.

3) Both written and Video solutions available for all questions.

4) OMET mocks are also included

4) Sectional exams and previous year papers with solutions available for both CAT and OMETs.

5) Doubt Chats regularly scheduled for tests and MBA colleges, life after CAT etc

6) Regular updates regarding exams are provided via mail and also on their portal

7) Online Reading material also available for daily readings.

8) Can be attempted anytime within the given frame. No slot boundation


1) Exams are not proctered. 

2) Separate Video solutions for separate question in separate page. Due to this multiple switching is required.

3) A bit pricey compared to others

4) GK material not provided (Unlike IMS)

5) Video solutions become available only 2 days after the mock results which come 2 days after the last day of exam.

Vipul - Oct 20, 2022

They are just money-minded people and they take advantage of their reputation to snag more students every day. I took the TIME Full One Year Regular Online Course.

My experience has not been good at all. Reasons:

When everyone recommended TIME, I thought I'd go along with it and spoke to one of their agents. Tell me the full price and schematic etc. The price is too high and fluctuates all the time!! I mean, why isn't there a pricing policy here!? They change the price of their course if they wish. They require an initial payment before receiving all materials and study materials. And all fees are non-refundable! (And what if a student doesn't want to take CAT or continue with TIME?

I paid the full fee and started taking the classes. During all the courses I attended, I realized that his teaching methods are old-fashioned and dogmatic. In fact, you can learn a lot of better tips and tricks on YouTube. But I still attended my classes so I could stay in touch with my studies and concepts.

Speaking of concepts, they never delve into a concept, they tell you everything in a few words, and if you have a question, you can't even ask it in the same class, you have to fill out a form and directly indicate the topic or question numbers where there is doubt and they will only answer these questions! And if you want to ask more questions besides the questions you wrote in the form... you literally have to fill out the form again!

Even in between the sessions, we wanted to change our teacher that also didn't happen because nobody ever was concerned after taking the fees, they never did anything outside the box to help with the preparation. 

The only good thing they have is AIMCAT. But that aside, you should literally consider small CAT institutions, as large, popular institutions lack a personal touch. And if you're lucky enough to find a mentor who you can turn to anytime and who keeps you motivated, stick with them.

Jagan - Oct 19, 2022

I joined TIME Delhi (CP) branch for offline coaching. 

What I liked: Faculty was generally hardworking, the study material and mocks are really good, workshops for cat replica questions plus the online chat session was really helpful to discuss section wise problems, strategy and schedule.

What I don't like: I just don’t like the VARC faculty, or material, I mean I never felt like they enhanced any of my skill. Plus doubt session is a problem, because u have to book a slot for it, and it’s not necessary that you'll get it on the same day of your class, or right after your class. For eg, I had early morning weekend batch ie 4 hr class from 8-10,10:15-12:15 on Sat and Sun and sometimes there was a gap of 5 hrs between class and doubt session. So you can’t even go back home (as it took me 1.5 hr one way from metro). Plus it’s difficult to sit and wait at institute, and if you get it rescheduled, then you might get the next slot after 2-3 weeks. 

Advait - Oct 19, 2022

Maybe offline at centre is worth it but not Online. Though I took the Online course of a centre only so maybe that's why its bad.

Negatives - 1) VARC and DILR in prep material is not updated, 2) No availability of pre recorded lectures (which almost every other coaching provides). I can see some videos in my account but not helpful, 3) Sectionals and Test series are not upto the mark and 4) they don't provide previous year papers as mocks

Positives - 1) quants is great, 2) DILR basics are well covered, and 3) Material is plenty as far as quantity is concerned.

Govind - Oct 10, 2022

Being a serious CAT aspirant, I enrolled in TIME Online Course 3-4 months back. I just found unconcerned efforts from TIME management.

Every second day the portal gets lagged and breaks our link. I was seeing some video lectures and now the time is wasted and link is broken.

Doubts are not addressed properly. Doubts asked in July, that too asked in the given time mentioned in Excel sheets are not addressed which keeps the concept unclear.

Other than this I’ve posted many complaints regarding the carelessness of online classes which were cancelled, AIMCAT late analysis and video solutions not being posted, website not working etc.

Being a big name in MBA coaching, this is so unfair to the students. This not only wastes our time, gives us stress about not having things to study and unfortunately reduces our faith in our preparation and TIME.

Shivi - Oct 5, 2022

Online faculty is good but extremely overburdened. They have classes scheduled all the time. So much so that they have no time to solve doubts, ever. I am always struggling to get my doubts solved. I get no response from their end. Ever.

The material had a lot of extra stuff. But they told me what to do and what to skip, so that's okay.

I love the AIMCATs. They are good.

Other than that, they give good GK material.

Prasoon - Oct 5, 2022

Honestly do not join Time vadodara for coaching. The faculty has no intention to see your growth. They want results but do not provide proper coaching, even the faculty is really bad. Study material i.e., booklets are a waste of time and money.

AIMCATs are really good but sectionals are not up to the mark. I have been taking IMS's SIMCAT and using their portal. It's fantastic. Learn tab, practice tab, mocks as well, take homes and proctored, past year papers in mock form as well as sectionals. So it's good to invest in IMS portal.

Akhil Ranjan - Oct 3, 2022

In Time Allahabad centre, faculty wasn't very good except one or two maths teachers. The rest were doing only formalities. They lured students by saying that faculty will come from Lucknow and highly experienced but was totally false.

They conduct offline classes only on weekends and rest is online. 

Study material - It was actually good

I felt that they only run after money that's all they do not care about the students and management was very very poor.

Bharat - Sep 30, 2022

TIME Lucknow (Offline):

There are several reasons why to join this coaching and few in support of why not. 

I cannot deny the fact that the centre has the best faculty, their way of teaching is awesome and of course the study material is best (also reviewed by many who are not time students).

As I am a cat aspirant 2022 I joined this coaching 1year back in November. Now exams are only 50 days ahead and we are still left with few quants chapters of algebra, lrdi section and in varc we are left with the rules of parasummary and whole grammar. They have mismanaged their schedule and time table that they haven't competed syllabus on time. 

And doubt classes are almost zero. We had 2-3 doubt classes for LRDI and 100+ stydents sit together! How will they clear their doubts individually?! I regret because of high payment of 60,000 I made.

I will again say teachers are awesome but because of mismanagement, literallly rula diya inhone hme. 

Zubin - Sep 29, 2022

Most of the faculties in online teaching were great and also the faculties who teach in recorded videos are really helpful for learning.

When it comes to online teaching Time has focused a lot on Quants and a bit less on LRDI but still whatever they have taught is helpful in preparation.

Their study material is also well structured especially for Quant, and for LRDI Advance sectional mocks cover a wide variety of questions.

In general, I found online coaching has helped me a lot. I feel they have done a lot from a teaching perspective.

The only problem I feel is doubt solving. In online mode, it's very difficult to clear your doubts.

Nidhi - Sep 29, 2022

I'll try to give my honest feedback for TIME Online course below:

Resources :- Resources are the only good thing about TIME (At least in my case). The mocks are good, there are a lot of sectional tests. They provide full mock analysis, etc. They also have pre recorded video lectures for almost all the topics.

Irregular classes: - Throughout the year our classes have been irregular, like even today there was no class, there was no class yesterday and day before yesterday too. This pattern was followed throughout the year, like there were barely any classes in the month of May and June.

Lies we were told:-  They told me the reason why the tuition fee is so high because they have to compensate for the books that they provide to us. I wasn't provided a single hard copy of a book, when I asked for that they simply told me that I have to refer to online books available on the website, and if I want hard copy of books, I'll have to pay 3k-4k extra.

Syllabus Not Yet Complete:- While all of the other institutes have started revising the syllabus, our batch still hasn't completed it. While I have prepared these topics from youtube videos, my batchmates are literally clueless about all these topics.

No doubt solving:- They told us that there would be active doubt solving, but our teacher barely replies to our messages and doubts.

No guidance:- There has been no guidance whatsoever by our teacher, our teacher doesn't guide us on how to attempt mocks, nor do they persuade students to appear for mocks. 

Illuminati - Sep 28, 2022

If you select Live Online classes, they will play videos on GoToMeeting. Recorded videos, NOT live classes. No point taking it, at all.

Took it last year; lost all trust in online coaching programs (could not shell out more money, and ended up being a CAT repeater), and purchased CL mocks plus AIMCATs this year.

AIMCATs are famous, but the self-administered AIMCATs (which one gets more in number of, sadly) are hardly attempted by students, so the percentiles can be misleading.

Study materials-wise: nothing beats TIME.

Perfect combination in my opinion: TIME material and IMS mocks, with AIMCAT Mini taken in mid-September (unavailable before that). Concept videos? YouTube for the win.

Feroz - Sep 22, 2022

In Ranchi centre, faculty are not so good. They keep changing teachers and the teachers do not pay attention to your queries. 

Mocks and study materials are good but I will suggest youtube videos are better than taking such a coaching and spending so much money. 

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