Quantitative Ability (Math), Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI/Reasoning)
Individual & Group
Beginner & Advanced

About me

I'm an engineer who dropped out from IIT Bombay due to health issues and now trying to get into one of the holy trinity.

Academic Qualifications

I've scored 99.00 percentile in CAT 22 Quant section. I've attempted 3 Aimcats this year and my highest score has been 82 marks overall which accounted to 99.11 percentile overall and varc/dilr/qa being 86.71%tile/99.71%tile/98%tile in that particular aimcat.

Teaching Experience

I've been teaching my batch mates from my institute who will be attempting CAT 23 for about a month now.

Teaching Style, Study Materials and Fee Discounts

I can be a good tutor because, I go through basics to solve the problems and I understand the fundamentals - which I can convey properly to my students. Also, I have soft copies of TIME handouts/ Booklets, IMS modules, Career Launcher pdfs, CATKING top 100 questions from each section. Also, I can provide a 25% discount for groups.

Familiarity with the Latest Test Pattern, Application and Selection Process

I've attempted CAT 22 as well as researched about CAT for about a month. I can tell my students an estimate (+-5 marks) on how much they should score in CAT 23 to get the calls from BLACKI catering to the difficulty level of CAT 22 based on RTI. Also, I know about which b school is better for what domain.

Ability to Communicate and Explain

I can speak in both English and Hindi. And as i said i teach my students through fundamentals and basics and then tell about the tricks.